The Kitchen is another room during renovations that needs good planning around the wet areas e.g. kitchen sink splashbacks, cooktop splashback area and benchtops.� Choosing the right design and materials for these wet areas and waterproofing the areas adequately during the renovations is important.

Miracles team of kitchen designers will ensure when planning your kitchen renovation or re-design, the correct waterproofing system is in place for all wet area of the kitchen including the backsplash, flooring and the sink areas.

Choosing the best floor covering for your kitchen to cope with regular cleaning and to provide a non-slip surface will mean a covering that is easy to clean and safe to walk on when wet, giving you long-wearing floor surface for the future.


This reduces the need to replace the floor covering after a few years, saving money on labour and products.
Popular kitchen floor coverings are tiles e.g. ceramic and stone, cork; timber, laminate, linoleum, bamboo and vinyl sheeting.

When considering the product choices keep in mind comfort to foot e.g. hard surface can cause pain in the feet; access to outside dirt means increased cleaning; direct sunlight may cause fading, temperature impact e.g. very cold to stand on in a cold climate in winter or ideal for a hot climate, quiet underfoot as the product absorbs noise etc.

The modern functional kitchen can incorporate a drawer system built for special purpose storage e.g. pantry shelves, pot and pans, cutlery drawers designed for easy one-touch opening and quite cushion closing.

Cabinets are used for storing the heavier items e.g. plates, appliances and delicates e.g. glassware which can be displayed through a glass door. The choice of cabinet handles is optional and can be without handles if the design is a minimal one.

Choosing a cabinet benchtop from a wide mix of colours and materials gives you the choice to suit your style and purpose while incorporating the latest trends into your kitchen.

Miracle Bathrooms representative can give you the choice you need to make an informed decision on the best kitchen benchtop materials and kitchen appliances to meet your choice of design and style.

Our skilled tradesmen are specialists in their field who guarantee their workmanship, work within the local government guidelines and body corporate requirements and stand by the guarantee of the products and materials used at all times.