Todays bathroom has evolved into a room which reflects the taste and personality of the owner(s). The days are gone of the basic bathroom, with just the bare necessities i.e. bath, shower and bathroom vanity basins.

The bathroom now has a design and style featuring a preferred influence e.g. Federation, Contemporary, Boutique, Asian, French, Italian, English, natural marble etc. These influences are achieved with the use of colours, textures, fixtures, fittings and accessories etc.

We can help you choose a style and design of your choice, and if you have a preference already chosen e.g. pictures cut out of magazines we can help to match the concepts in creating your dream bathroom.

The bathroom should be a room to be enjoyed and a delight to lingering in for the sheer pleasure of it.

Talking about sheer pleasure why not consider a spa to relax in replacing the traditional bath. As spa bath suppliers and installers we have a wide variety of shapes and sizes to choose from e.g. the Kohler Whirlpool with five chrome jets to give that extra massage to the body.

Or the Endless Amethyst� Spa designed for taller people and a scooped seating area for extra depth. Have your own resort comforts at home with these features e.g. moulded head rest, 7 hydrotherapy recessed jets and contoured arm rests and seating. Safety features include a slip resistant base and grab rails. Colours come in white or almond ivory.

When planning your bathroom renovations, keep in mind the extra precautions needed for the wet areas including tiles, waterproofing and sealing of baths, shower recesses and around basins and bathroom vanities etc. A sound preparation will ensure against water leakage, build up of mould and mildew and ongoing structural problems surrounding the area e.g. timber rot.

Ventilation is important in the bathroom with adequate window size and the use of an extractor fan to expel steam and reduce the build up of mould and mildew.
We can advise you on bathroom installations e.g. the right size extractor fan for your bathroom and the most appropriate place to position it.

When renovating a bathroom the general rule when choosing colours for tiling a bathroom are that the lighter colours give off the image of a bigger size for smaller room.
The use of light in a darker room may be achieved with a larger window size and/or the installation of natural skylight, which saves on electricity costs in the long run.
For the smaller bathroom the use of a large wall mirror gives the room a much wider and longer appearance plus highlighting any reflection of light.
Consider using an acrylic paint in a satin wipe-off� which is best for the purpose or any paint which is suitable for regular exposure to both steam and water.