Planning to get your bathroom renovated? With so many options out there, it can get pretty confusing to find the right bathroom renovation contractor who understands your needs.

Anyone can do minor fixes like changing a leaking tap, or rejuvenating old and tired grout, but renovating the entire bathroom is a big deal. Not only should the contractor be highly skilled, licensed and insured, they should also understand your requirements when it comes to aesthetics as well as functionality to help achieve your dream bathroom.

Tips to hire the right renovation contractor for your new bathroom

Here are a few tips to make it easier for you to find the right renovation contractor for your bathroom.

Reviews and recommendations

You can always ask your family and friends for contractors they have used in the past and gauge how well the bathroom renovators conducted themselves in regards to cost, cleanliness, punctuality, but most importantly communication. Usually, referrals work the best and help you find the right contractor to get the most for your money.. Also, check out the contractor’s previous work which should be readily available upon request (whether that be from a website or social media presence) and experience through third party review systems like Google, Hipages, or Facebook. A contractors engagement with their past clients can be a solid indication as to how they may conduct themselves with future clients and job opportunities.

Obtain Quotes from Various Contractors

Going with the first option isn’t always a wise idea, especially when you’re making major decisions when updating your bathroom. Engage more than one contractor and explain your needs. Ask them for their inputs and quotes. You can then go with the one who gives you the best quotes and gets your style and needs. By obtaining more than one quote, you can get a clear understanding of what is included in each of the contractors prices, and whether you a getting everything you want from your bathroom renovation.

Get everything in writing

When quoting the bathroom renovation for you, the contractor will outline various costs associated within their scope of work, for example, demolition, waterproofing, plumbing, wall & floor tiling. Verbal quotes and estimates have no record or value. Don’t forget to get it all in writing before finalising it with the contractor. In addition to this as a legal requirement in NSW all contractors engaging in works over $5000 should be accompanied by a written contract signed by both parties. Checking a contractors license is also an essential part of choosing the right person for the job, to avoid any works being carried out by someone who may not be licensed to do them.

Discuss on the things you can provide

The best way to save some money here is by providing a few items from your end. While budgeting and planning the project, you can offer to supply some things or reuse some things from the existing model to save up a few extra costs in this new project. It is important to make that clear before the project starts to avoid any conflicts at the later stage. The contractor should be clear and concise about whether reusing certain materials within an old bathroom is an economical way reducing the overall cost.

Get clarity on the contractor’s job

Before confirming with the contractor, get a clear idea of accomplishments of the project. Ask about the smaller projects within the main renovation project, his roster and schedule, the materials he’ll be sourcing from and where.

Confirm on the duration and schedule

After surveying the bathroom and understanding your needs, your contractor should be able to give you the time it will take for the project to complete and also set up a schedule for you. They can also confirm the starting date of the project or if you wish to start the project on a specific date and if they can accomodate. After deciding and confirming the schedule, you can sign the contract that mentions the start date, duration and the payment schedule for the smooth execution of the project. By meeting and interacting with the contractor, you can get a clear idea if your views align and how well they can understand your sense of style and needs. By following this guide, it can help alleviate some of the stress of renovating your bathroom, choosing the right contractor for the job is a large part of getting the desired results, first time!

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